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HOM Colorful 2-pack long boxer briefs

HOM Colorful 2-pack long boxer briefs
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HOM Colorful 2-pack long boxer briefs
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The HOM BOXERLINES long boxer briefs are packs of long boxer briefs in stretch cotton which are available packs of two. COLORFUL is an economy pack of trendy long boxer briefs in plain colors for daily wear.

These boxer briefs are longer than the classic boxer briefs for men, allowing for better support on the legs and avoids friction between the thighs.

The microfiber waistband of this pack of 2 COLORFUL boxer briefs is ultra-soft to the touch, pleasant to wear on the skin and doesn’t squeeze. It bears a contrasting HOM logo.

Combed cotton is obtained with a specific mechanical process. The cotton is carded meaning that the fibers are separated, aired and then go through a comber which only keeps the longest and best fibers. Combed cotton is silkier, more shiny and softer to the touch, more resistant to washing and more solid. Comfortable and low-maintenance, cotton is a natural breathable material and pleasant to wear.

BOXERLINES is a line of packs of basic and trendy underwear to satisfy everyone's tastes. Discover our packs of trendy underwear in HO1 boxer briefs, HO1 briefs and long boxer briefs!